A good kisser is recognized for his sexy breath. Stay away from odorous food like onions, garlic, fish etc when you know you will kiss her. Make sure that you brush your teeth or floss before going out on a date with her. If you have to eat a meal with her, see that you have a mint with you that you can pop in after you have finished eating. Your lips should be moist when you kiss. Run your tongue over your lips at least once before you kiss. If your lips are slightly moist, it makes it easy for your lips to move them over her and gives both of you a delightfully pleasurable experience. Your lips should be open while kissing, you can choose to move your lips over her in a slow round motion, squeeze her lips lightly with yours, suck her lips with yours or stick them to hers but see that your lips are open rather than being stiff-lipped or tight lipped. When you kiss a woman and then draw back, and you see that eyes stay closed for a moment longer, it typically means that she was quite pleased by the kiss and it is an obvious sign by her for you to take her and enjoy her more.


Tips on achieving and maintaining the "Spark"

Romantic Intimacy

An exceptional kisser is skilled at French kissing. He is confident that the magic of his tongue can do to amazing things to any woman. His tongue is made to pleasure a woman and all her intimate areas in her bodies, mouth included. With your tongue, just play with her tongue by circling hers with yours. Caress her with your hands, and she will lead you further as you explore her oral cavity with your tongue. You can suck or bite your partner’s lip gently in a fit of sexy passion and watch her fight back going to suck and chew your lips with hers. As an exceptional kisser, try and keep her guessing about your moves. Kiss her a little, look at her eyes and stroke her face or hair. Then go for a lip-lock again as you caress her sweet spots. Leave her lips and look at her with wanton lust or desire. You will see the same sort of magnetism in her eyes because she has been left high and dry for a moment. Return to her lips once again, take her into your arms and kiss her like there is no tomorrow…and you will have many tomorrows to come!  Good Luck!

Practice makes perfect. To incorporate new kissing techniques, you can look in a mirror and watch yourself kiss your arm or hand. Imagine how the heat of her lips will feel on yours, how arousing her breath will be, how sweet her saliva will taste and try to imagine every texture and aspect of her lips. This may sound silly but when you are totally in it and concentrate on the sensation, you will get more confidence and flow during the actual kiss. Practices using your lips in there’re entirety. Imagine kissing your partner's lips beyond the usual outer edges. Focus on how she will feel when you next kiss face to face by experimenting in front of the mirror.
A woman's body is the free range of sensitive zones, which are kiss worthy. You can kiss her earlobe or graze your lips behind her ears. You can softly place your lips on the tip of her nose and give her a cute kiss. The kiss, which you can lay on the back of her neck, can be really romantic to her. The places like the back of the knees, the underside of her forearm, the inside of her wrist, and the palm of her hand and the curve of her waist are other sensitive zones.

You make sure that in deep kissing (French kissing), you do not cause harm to her. She should not pass out by the force of your kisses. You should tilt to your head to one side while kissing so that her nose is not blocked. You should relax and keep your tongue flexible as you probe her tongue and roof and bottom of the mouth with yours. But see that you do not just shove your tongue in and leave her gasping for breath.

By Counselor Evelynn

To be a fantastic kisser, you need to love what you are doing. It is all but certainly established that kissing plays an incredibly big part in making love.  In fact a good kiss can lead to better and hotter things as they progress. To be a sensational kisser, you have to be in control. Suppose you and your partner have just started kissing and you are about to shift your gears to a deeper kiss, then you should gently start to take the lead by placing your hands on either side of her face and guiding your lips in. When you cup her face in your palms during the kiss, you control the amount of pressure of your mouth on her and she also feels the warmth of your hand on her skin.

You should be at least a little vocal during your lovemaking and post lovemaking about how kissing her turns you on. You should let her know that she has an exciting effect on you and her breath makes you all the more crazy for her. It is important to not only tell your girl how gorgeous she is, but also that she is great kisser. Women also do have egos and flattery hurt no one.

Strive to give the right pressure of your lips on hers. You do not have to have luscious lips, you do not have to be Mr. Macho and you do not have to have a flat stomach and cute butt. These are not qualifications to be a good kisser. What is needed is the interest to make your woman feel nice. Your mind is the biggest sex organ and your lips are the twin warriors in the game of love and lust.